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Wooden Pooja Mandir Home




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60"H x 30"W x 24" Deep, 25kgs(apx)


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Handmade Rosewood Carved Pooja Mandir For Home.

The Pooja Mandir carved from Pure Indian Rosewood by master craftsman India, Chitra handicrafts is leading manufacturers and exporters of Wooden Pooja Mandirs.

Every home has a place for god. We all need that place to find solace. We need that private place to introspect and find direction for our future. It has the most ethnic designee which values the Hindu tradition The Pooja Mandir can accommodate all the pooja items like cent stick, kapuurm,coconut and naivadiyam. It looks very attractive, the Pooja Mandir can be placed with any GOD /GODESS which is kept East Facing yields good results.

It is designed based on the Hindu mythology, the two lions on each corner of the pooja mandir refers to the activeness in atmosphere. The hanging bells denote the good sign of luck and prosperity. The swan designed as legs of the Pooja Mandir denotes the success in education and professional field. Performing pooja in this type of Mandir helps in well-being of humanity. It has a small built in draw where the pooja items like cotton, match box can be placed.The shape and designee of the Pooja Mandir is made of fine carving which gives a perfect rich look to your pooja house. The Pooja Mandir one among best master piece which is designed with us. The sides of pooja Mandir are designed as arches shape which looks like a ratham from sides. This Wooden Pooja Mandir has been exquisitely carved out of finest Indian rosewood by skilled artisans. The mastery of the artisans is seen in the intricate carving the Pooja Mandir has. This wooden Pooja temple has been carved out on the lines of a traditional Hindu temple. The traditional floral designs on the Pooja Mandir add a traditional touch to it. The motifs and the complex textures have been very intricately and skillfully carved in the wood, to add beauty to the adobe of lord. These designs transform the wood into a magnificent piece of art.

This antique looking Pooja Mandir is designed to augment the elegance of the place where it will be placed. This is an ideal blend of traditional designs found in rural India and the choicest of the rosewood. This piece of furniture gives your home a dash of royalty and you will also find peace when you sit in front of it and pray.

This wooden Pooja mandap consists of a platform at a certain level above the ground and also has small delicately carved pillars to support itself. The rosewood Pooja mandap is carved out in a pyramidical shape to represent the gopurams of a temple.

A small carved idol of Lord Ganesha presides at the base of the two tiered rosewood Pooja mandap. Beautiful wooden bells adorn the roof of the mandap. One enclosed drawer at the first level for puja items are skillfully camouflaged into the solid pedestal of the mandap. This Pooja mandap is manufactured to be very durable and also require very low maintenance. The boards and the panels used to manufacture this pedestal are chemically treated to be termite resistant. This rosewood Pooja mandap is certainly a handicraft masterpiece and will definitely be a favorite of home makers and interior designers. The Pooja Mandir is neatly polished which gives an eye catching look and a temple environment. It would be a perfect gift item to gift a friend or a relative.  

Care: Keep indoors. Lightly dust the figurine as required. We recommend the use of a mild wood cleaner on a swab of cotton wool.

Wooden Pooja Mandir HomeWooden Pooja Mandir Home Wooden Pooja Mandir Home Wooden Pooja Mandir Home
 Wooden Pooja Mandir Home
 Wooden Pooja Mandir Home
Wooden Pooja Mandir Home