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Wooden Pooja Temple With Doors




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48"H x 24"W x 18" Deep, 20kgs(apx)


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Description:Handmade Wooden Pooja Temple For Home with Doors.

The Door Pooja Temple carved from Pure Indian Rosewood by master craftsman India

Chitra Handicrafts is the adobe of the handicrafts and the place to be for all the artisans from the rural parts of India. We are proud to present to you the exquisitely carved and deftly crafted wooden Pooja temple for your home. The beautifully carved design depicts how experienced and skilled the craftsman is.

The Pooja Door Mandir for your home depicts the pillared outdoor pavilion or prayer hall that is built in front of the temple’s sanctum sanctorum. The wooden Pooja temple consists of a platform with 4 beautifully carved pillars making up the four corners. The four pillars support the traditional roof which depicts the temple gopurams with the mythological kalashas at the top. There are beautiful wooden bells which adorn the border of the roof of the wooden Pooja mandap.  

The Puja Mandir for your home is given a touch of exclusivity as it is provided with two doors. These doors are decorated with brass bells. This design is adopted from the traditional design of a door which is generally found in any Puja temple of south India.

The wooden Pooja Mandir stands at a certain height from the ground level with the help of the very powerful legs which depict the paws of a lion. There is a enclosed drawer for storing the puja items which prove to be handy when you are near your favorite god. This drawer is camouflaged into the solid pedestal of the Puja Mandap.

The wooden Pooja Temple for your home gets a glossy finish as it is finished with lacquer finish. This wooden Pooja Mandir needs very less maintenance and is also very durable. The rosewood Pooja Mandir carved out of especially weathered Indian rosewood gives a mark of exclusivity. This piece of timeless beauty can prove to be a perfect adobe of your gods.

Care: Keep indoors. Lightly dust the figurine as required. We recommend the use of a mild wood cleaner on a swab of cotton wool.

Wooden Pooja TempleWooden Pooja Temple whitewood ganesh