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Teak Wood Carved Ganesh Statue Idol




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7"htx3"w, 4kgs(apx) 


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Teak Wood Carved Ganesh Statue Idol Teak Wood Carved Ganesh Statue Idol Teak Wood Carved Ganesh Statue Idol Teak Wood Carved Ganesh Statue Idol
Teakwood Carved Ganesh Statue Idol
Teakwood Carved Ganesh Statue Idol

Description : Teak wood handcarved ganesh sculptures with 10 different roopas.
These exquisite hand-carved figurines depict a unique manifestation of lord Ganesha in ten roopas or forms. These Ganesha statues that have been expertly hand-carved from carefully selected teakwood and transformed into a beautiful work of art by deft artisans flaunts the mastery of the craftsman from the attention to detail from the intricate filigree work on the deity, the true to life facial expressions, the curvaceous flow of the form and the exquisite temple jewellery that is derived from an ancient Indian art form. The beautifully sculpted statue is polished to a high sheen and is installed on a solid base of rosewood.
These ten statues carved out of teak wood contribute in the following way:
1. dancing ganesh  statue
2. sitting ganesh idol  
3. blessing ganesh statue.
4. muralidhara ganesh statue
5. doll ganesh idol
6. pooja ganesh statue 
7. musical ganesh statue
8. bala ganesh idol
9. shanku ganesh statue
10. vijaya ganesh statue
The intricate details on the figurines and the majestic art work that flaunts the style, skill and quality of the material we use and the crafts men we employ. We at Chitra Handicrafts are dedicated to serve to you the best and meet your requirements in par with your expectations to match your mindset and style. A hot favorite of the interior decorators and vaastu consultants, the Teak wood Ganesha idols make a wonderful home decor accessory; can be used to accentuate the ambience of a hotel reception area and even makes a great personalised corporate gift or an anniversary present.
Care: Keep indoors. Lightly dust the figurine as required. We recommend the use of a mild wood cleaner on a swab of cotton wool.