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Rosewood Carved Sofa Sets




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75"x42"x30" & 200kgs (apx)


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Rosewood Carved Sofa Sets Rosewood Carved Sofa Sets whitewood ganesh
Rosewood Carved Sofa Sets
Rosewood Carved Sofa Sets

Description : Rosewood Carved sofa set.

teak wood carving, teakwood sofa set, teakwood furniture, teakwood crafts, teakwood carvings, indian teakwood, teakwood shop, hyderabad teakwood, teakwood online, teakwood interiors, Your home decor is a unique expression of your panache and creativity. Each curio and piece of furniture is lovingly handpicked and is a style statement that adds value to your surroundings. Your living room reflects your style and should be designed to be warm and welcoming or chic and sophisticated. Now,  you can add a royal touch to your sitting room with this stunning five-piece sofa set that is hand carved from the choicest rosewood and upholstered with the finest fabrics.

antique teakwood works, teakwood,  teakwood hyderabad, teakwood gallery, teakwood art, teakwood exporters, This gorgeous five seater carved sofa set is distinctly Victorian in style and spirit and comprises of a spacious three seater and two large single sofa chairs. The mastery of the carpenters and sculptors is evident in the superior craftsmanship and the unique mix of comfort and regal opulence.

The attractive sofa set has been exquisitely carved,  employing a wonderful amalgam of traditional Muslim geometrical and figurative designs and Indian motifs that is typical of Saharanpur woodcraft. Eye catching upholstery complements the beauty of the elegant yet stylish backrest and shows off the marvelously carved legs of the luxurious sofa. Exquisitely carved and stylish heart-shaped panels form the eye-catching feature of each chair and showcase the artistic talent of the sculptor and designer. The armrests with soft cushioning are ergonomically designed to maximize comfort. The product is skillfully finished with a natural lacquer finish that sets it apart as a product of high sophistication.

High durability and low maintenance mark the exclusive quality of this rosewood living room set. It is designed from specially weathered and termite resistant wood that only gets more beautiful with age. A favorite of homemakers and interior designers,  the classical looks and regal appearance of the five-seater sofa set possesses timeless appeal that makes it an excellent once-in-a-lifetime investment. So,  go ahead and be a style icon.

Care: Keep indoors. Lightly dust the figurine as required. We recommend the use of a mild wood cleaner on a swab of cotton wool.