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Indian Divan Sets Rosewood




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36"x72"x26" & 50kgs (apx)


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Indian Divan Sets Rosewood Indian Divan Sets Rosewood whitewood ganesh
Indian Divan Sets Rosewood
Indian Divan Sets Rosewood

Description : Rosewood carved divan with arm rest.

rosewood diwan furniture, rosewood carved divan sofa, divan carved, handmade divan, handcrafted divan, cheapest divan, cheap divan, divans online, This breathtakingly beautiful carved rosewood Divan is the very epitome of chic and contemporary style. The name Divan is derived from the Turkish term “divan” that stood for the audience room in which the Ottoman emperor would meet his council of ministers and foreign envoys. Today,  a Divan is a type of luxurious sofa covered by fine fabrics and decorously filled with rich cushions. This gorgeously upholstered carved rosewood divan is a beautiful blend of traditional design with modern styling.

divan shop, buy rosewood divan, divan sale, antique divan, interior divan, divan decorations, divan designs, divan, diwan, Your home decor is an expression of your panache and creativity. Each curio and piece of furniture is lovingly handpicked and is a style statement that adds value to your surroundings. Add a touch of class to your sitting room with this stunning divan that is hand carved from the finest rosewood and upholstered with the finest fabrics. The mastery of the carpenters and sculptors is evident in the superior craftsmanship and the unique mix of comfort and regal opulence.

The attractive divan has been exquisitely carved using traditional Indian designs and motifs. Eye catching upholstery complements the beauty of the backrest and shows off the carved legs of the lovely recliner. The backrest features a panel of the most exquisite filigree work. The armrests with soft cushioning are ergonomically designed to maximize comfort. It is skillfully finished with a natural lacquer finish that sets it apart as a product of high sophistication.

High durability and low maintenance mark the exclusive quality of this rosewood divan. It is designed out of specially weathered wood that only grows more beautiful with age. The boards and panels are chemically treated and are completely termite resistant. A favorite of interior designers,  the unusual shape of the divan lends itself to be used effectively as a stand-alone decorative furniture accessory in a cozy nook of your drawing room,  in a dining room,  corporate office or even in your bedroom.

Care: Keep indoors. Lightly dust the figurine as required. We recommend the use of a mild wood cleaner on a swab of cotton wool.