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Bullock cart wall panel rosewood craft




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30"x40"  5kgs(apx)


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Bullock cart wall panel rosewood craftBullock cart wall panel rosewood craft Bullock cart wall panel rosewood craft Bullock cart wall panel rosewood craft
Bullock cart wall panel rosewood craft
Bullock cart wall panel rosewood craft

Description : Rosewood panel with bullock cart design inlaid work

online india crafts,craftwood interiors,decorative wood interiors,wooden interior crafts,hyderabad rosewood exporters,wood working crafts,handmade interior craft,The ubiquitous bail gadi or bullock cart has been a popular fixture of rural India from the days of our forefathers when the wooden cart was the chief means of transportation. This beautiful wall décor novelty article portrays a bullock cart making its way through a barren landscape. Its occupants comprise of a farmer and his wife who measure their wealth in terms of the cart that they travel in and the bullocks that pull the cart. The farmer tills his farm all day long, lovingly tending to his crop by day and guarding it by night. He is helped by his wife and family in tending to his tiny lot. When the crop is harvested, he loads the harvest on to his bullock cart. With his family, he will now travel down to the nearest market where he will either sell his harvested crop or barter it for essential goods. As he travels to the nearest town, his heart is filled with hope that the coming day will reward him richly for his hard work.

decorative handmade,village scenarie crafts,traditional wood works, history indian crafts,traditional interiors,traditional decoratives Simple living and high thinking. If that is your credo, then this beautiful bedroom wall panel was created for you. The farmer’s needs are simple. Everything that he requires for his journey is laden on to the cart; utensils, bedding, clothing and other sundry items that he might require in the course of his road trip. This simple yet mesmerising wall scenery conveys a deep yet simple truth. Keep your baggage to the minimum – both in terms of emotional and material baggage. True happiness is when you can manage with the minimum. The farmer deftly controls the movement of the bullocks with ropes while his wife sits behind him, gently swaying with the undulating motion of the sturdy bullocks. The mastery of the artist is seen in the sinewy muscles of the cattle that convey an aura of brute strength.  

The ornamental inlay work on the wall panel is sophisticated and creative. It involves superb crafting wherein pieces of different coloured woods are artistically wedged into the design. The inlaid pieces are delicately sandpapered and then polished to a high degree. The white inlaid wood contrasts strikingly with the rich earthy and rustic tones of reds, browns and yellows to give a three-dimensional effect. A time consuming and intricate handicraft requiring a high level of craftsmanship, this rosewood panel is truly a work of art. The beautifully inlaid rural scenery is encased in a solid frame of pure rosewood. This wall scenery is a striking work of art and makes a wonderful home decor accessory and is ideal for corporate gifts and special occasions.  

Care: Keep indoors. Lightly dust the figurine as required. We recommend the use of a mild wood cleaner on a swab of cotton wool.