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Sandalwood can be considered as the king in the category of fragrant woods. The sandalwood is predominantly found in the Asian countries of Sri Lanka, India, Hawaii, and also the Australian islands and south pacific islands.
The smooth scent of sandalwood soothes your senses and the beautiful architecture beautifies your home. The sandalwood statues look beautiful and give an artistic touch to the place wherever they are placed. The intricately carved our sandalwood statues of the god sculptures and temple statues are a prized possession of the art lover. The sandalwood statues are carved in different poses and in different sizes. There are statues of dancing Ganesha, Nataraja, saraswathi, krishna, sandalwood Ganesha with Krishna, sandalwood sculptures of lakshmi, and many more. All the statues are mounted on a pedestal to provide a stable base, this also gives you the freedom to place the statues wherever you like irrespective of the kind of base.
At Chitra Handicrafts, we specialize in Wood carving, Religious Statues, Art Statue, Sculptures Statues, and Wooden Figure. Specially selected sandalwood is elaborated hand-crafted by expert artisans using time-honored techniques. The beautifully carved statues reflect the zeal and dedication of the artisans based in the rural parts of India and other countries. We have been using the sandalwood statues since long time and it forms a important part of our day to day religious rituals also.
The sandalwood statues manufactured by Chitra Handicrafts are made of pure and original sandalwood. The Indian sandalwood statues of gods and goddess are very graceful and are a perfect depiction of intricate artistry. Browse through our catalogue and when you decide of ordering the sandalwood statues for yourself, our executives are waiting for your call. Ideal for your coffee table or as a centre piece for any room at your home or office, the valuable sandalwood sculpture can be ordered online and will be door-delivered to you, attractively packaged in a decorative box.