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Wooden Pooja Mandapam




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24" w x 24 "l , h 48 ", 20 kg (apx)


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Description :Pooja Mandir Models.
This stunning Wood Mantap is truly a work of art, worth possessing. Traditionally, the Wood Mantap is a pillared outdoor pavilion or prayer hall that is built in front of the temple´s sanctum sanctorum. The mantap consists of a platform with 4 beautifully carved pillars making up the four corners. The four pillars support an ornate roof that is designed in the pyramidical shape of the temple Gopuram. Hindus believe that the four pillars of the mandap represent the four aspect of life; Dharma (duty and religion), Artha (wealth), Kama (worldly desires) and Moksha (salvation).

The Wood Carved Temple is a sacred structure where the principal deity of the temple or house is installed. It is meant to symbolize the sanctum sanctorum and is thus the focal point in prayer and meditation. This elegantly fashioned yet simple mandap has been deftly crafted from the finest rosewood by expert artisans. The mastery of the artist is seen in the exquisite filigree work and the use of traditional architectural style on the rich texture of wood. The sacred structure comprises of a combination of intricately carved alpana motifs and ethnic floral designs.

The beautiful mantap is open on all four sides and has lovely wooden bells adorning the four corners of the base of the gopuram. The product is expertly finished with a natural lacquer finish that sets it apart as a product of high sophistication. The rosewood mantap is designed from specially weathered and termite resistant wood that only gets more beautiful with age. This beautiful stand-alone mandap possesses a timeless beauty that makes it an excellent once-in-a-lifetime investment. A favourite of home makers and interior designers, it is ideally placed as a centrepiece in a Pooja room or a lobby of a hotel, school or corporate office.

Care: Keep indoors. Lightly dust the figurine as required. We recommend the use of a mild wood cleaner on a swab of cotton wool.

Wooden Pooja MandapamWooden Pooja Mandapam whitewood ganesh
Wooden Pooja Mandapam
Wooden Pooja Mandapam